Seminar Programs


LAE 011 - Train the Trainer

Enable tutors and experienced therapist’s to develop their teaching knowledge and skills. Promote expertise and professionalism. Develop their own communication and interpersonal skills. Subjects include planning and preparing teaching and learning, delivering learning, learning resources, assessment & evaluation, teaching practice and observation.


LAE 012 - Wellness Management Seminar / Module 1

‘Wellness Development’ which is discusses how to set-up a wellness facility by providing structured guidance from concept stage to completion. It also directs participants how to come up with a sound business plan.

‘Introduction to Wellness Industry’ which is orients participants on the origin, basic concepts, benefits and contra-indications of different treatments and therapies offered in the wellness industry. The seminar also provides sample treatments and demonstration of key techniques on treatments covered. The program also teaches participants how to formulate suitable treatment menus and implement best practices in their facilities.


LAE 013 - Wellness Management Seminar / Module 2

‘Wellness Operations’ which is an intensive program that touches on sharp and proven management principles applicable to newly launched or established wellness. The seminar provides innovative ideas and solutions on how challenges can be turned into opportunities to ensure that the business continues to be profitable and exciting.