Services - Consultancy

We have the expertise and resources to work with a new venture or re-inventing an established business from the initial site visit, through to the opening of the facility, depending on the needs of the project. One may select any of the consultancy services provided to address the particular needs of the project. Furthermore, we also have the expertise and team to set up all areas of Spa with the Asian wisdom of balance.

We provide a comprehensive range of services in the spa industry at a high level of professionalism, developing and implementing your requirements into reality which comes with a strong firm concept, innovative, and profitable.

We offer guidance and consultation service in all phases of spa development, tailored to suit your specific ideas you have in mind by our team of reliable and dedicated experienced professionals involved in the industry for more than 20 years. Effective advices will be provided in the business plan, efficient facility development, list of necessary equipments and products, helpful sales and marketing plan advices, professional recruitment and training, effective quality control and standard operating procedures, as well as able to direct you through many other crucial aspects in this particular business, to make your business more remarkable and profitable. Turn your plan into reality by contacting us now.


Professional fees and Service Pricing

Since every project is unique and the scope of work can vary tremendously, our company will create scope of works and estimate the needed time necessary to complete each task involved. Professional and service fees will be quoted daily or monthly depend on the stage and budget.



Consultancy Services

Stage 1 - Research & Facility Development

To recommend the type of spa best suited for your prospective market, a review of spa programs and operation options will also be provided.
Included, are technical recommendations from our Architecture and Interior Design advisor on how to create a facility in which the desired atmosphere and the building’s technical functions will be achieved harmoniously.


Stage 2 - Construction / Implementation of Spa Practices & Pre-Opening Operations

Thorough monitoring from the beginning of construction work until completion and offering a basic recruiting, staffing, training, on-site administration and supervision on the programs and operations, resulting in a fully operational facility. The concept, design plans, products, equipments, administrative documentation and systems and staffs are all in place and your facility is ready to serve.
This is the implementation phase, transforming your Business Plan from paper to reality. An extensive scope of work is involved in this phase, depending on the size and detail of the project.


Stage 3 - The Specific Coaching Program and On-Going Management

The system of highly specialized management in this spa industry consist some stages in spa programming and selling.  This phase offers an effective way to manage an efficient operation program and service standard maintenance.
After the completion of the facilities physical construction, investor has an option to retain the services provided by our team to provide direct management on the facility operation and assist you to avoid manipulation or distraction from the original goal stated in the business plan.
We help you to focus on achieving your objectives on Constant Quality and Standard Operating Procedure, Client Maintenance and Productivity.


Recruitment Service

Having our own training facility, we can identify and shortlist possible candidates who are best suited to fill required position within your spa.  We will screen and evaluate candidates according to your requirements and specifications. To submit a request please fill in and return our "Request for Recruitment Service" form.


Placement Service

We provide placement opportunities for experienced and qualified spa personnel who are interested to expand their employment opportunities within the country or overseas.  To submit your resume, please fill in and return "Request for Placement Service" form.


Product Supply

Formulate desired concept and image of Spa products, developing brand image and standardization. Create a signature brand of retail product line which allows an effective solution in developing and sourcing the right products suited to the brand image and desired therapeutic effects. Decide on packaging and labeling to suit the desired brand image and identity.