Method of Instruction

Lanna Thai Spa Academy incorporates theory, practice and evaluation as vital elements in its training programs.


Theoretical Component

Courses usually start with theoretical basis to introduce a firm understanding of principles and philosophies behind each course.  This sets our students apart from others who learn by copying treatments and techniques without knowing the reasons why things are done the way they’re done.


Practical Component

Theoretical instructions are followed with practice immediately after a series of techniques are introduced.  The practical aspect of the training basically takes almost 60% of the training duration to ensure that students get the right rhythm, proper body mechanics, and produce the desired benefit of the treatment or procedure learned.  Practice intensifies when students are assigned specific number of clients to work on to complete the course.  Students are also required to act as models for each other during practical sessions.


Evaluation Component

Evaluations are conducted through several means.  Initial evaluations are derived through theoretical and practical examinations administered towards the end of the course.  Evaluations are also gathered from clients during the Commercial Spa Experience period where appointments are received for students to hone their skills.  This is the time when over-all knowledge and skill of the student is rated by people aside from their instructors through services and treatment rendered in a simulated commercial environment. Students must satisfy a passing mark in all forms of evaluation to successfully complete the course. An Assessment Report is provided for each student at the end of each course.


Medium of Instruction

Courses are conducted in Thai or in English only. Courses will clearly note on which language it will be conducted on a given schedule. If language translation is required, please inform the academy so it can be arranged. Language translation service is an additional cost that will be charged to the requesting student.