Special Programs


LAE 001 - Anatomy and Physiology

A pre-requisite to many diploma courses, this is a theory course that covers the entire human body. Studies include cell & tissues, skeletal system, muscular system, vascular system, digestive system, respiratory system, excretory system, endocrine system, neurological system and accessory organs. Enables candidates to perform safe and effective massage therapy.


LAE 002 - Luk Prakob Massage

Enables candidates to perform safe and effective massage treatments with steamed herbal bags filled with assorted local traditional herbs of plai, kiffir lime, lemongrass, camphor, tamarind leaves and other traditional aromatic plants. Aside from their characteristics improve muscular tone and imparts a feeling of total relaxation by soothing away accumulated tension and stress. Subjects include hot oil massage techniques, aftercare advice.


LAE 003 - Advance Thai Traditional Massage

Enables candidate to perform safe and effective an ancient Thai traditional massage, which blends various techniques, has been employed by several generations to relieve chronic pain. It addresses on the neck, shoulder and scapula, upper and lower back areas effectively by focusing on pressure points, using neuromuscular techniques, and deep tissue massage among others. Consultation and aftercare advice.